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Have you ever experienced the frustrating sting of razor burn or felt bogged down by an old, dull shaver? Trust me; as someone who’s been meticulously maintaining a bald head for years, I understand the hassle all too well.

My quest for a seamless shave led me to comb through countless options until I stumbled upon the Palm Shaver. Get ready because this in-depth review might just unveil the shaving companion your routine has been missing.

Stick with me – this could be the upgrade you’ve been hoping for.

Overview of the Skull Shaver Palm Shaver


Skull Shaver Palm Shaver Review

Total Score: 8 / 10

Great little shaver, however it takes a bit longer to use due to its smaller head size, but great for traveling and a good build quality.


Score: 9 / 10


Score: 7 / 10


Score: 7 / 10


Unboxing and Initial Impressions

The Skull Shaver Palm 3 Electric Razor comes in a sleek and stylish packaging, with all the necessary accessories neatly arranged inside. The charging process is simple, and the initial feel of the shaver is comfortable and ergonomic.

Packaging and contents

I just got my hands on the Palm Shaver and I’m eager to see what’s inside the box. It looks pretty simple but does a good job keeping everything secure.

  • Box arrived without any damage, ensuring the shaver was fully protected.
  • Inside, I found a set of instructional books; these seem helpful for getting started.
  • There’s also some promotional material tucked in, showing other Skull Shaver products.
  • They include an extra tip with the shaver for trimming nose and ear hair, which is a nice touch.
  • A USB charging cable comes in the package, so it’s ready to power up right away.
  • They throw in a small brush too, which will be handy for keeping the shaver clean.
  • Lastly, although not mentioned on most sites, customers should know that while using it, the head may come off unexpectedly at times.

Charging process and accessories

I recently got my hands on the Palm Shaver and here’s what I discovered about its charging process and accessories. Unpacking the shaver, it was clear attention had been paid to ensuring you have everything needed to get started.

  • Inside the box, there’s the electric shaver itself along with a type A USB charging cable and a standard plug for easy connection.
  • The package includes a charging block, so there’s no need to buy one separately.
  • A small brush comes with the shaver to help keep those shaving heads clean after each use.
  • For the initial charge, I plugged in the shaver without much fuss. The indicator light helps give a visual cue that charging is underway.
  • Even though no exact timing is specified for how long it should be charged, aiming for about an hour seems to be effective for a full battery life boost.

Design and Functionality

The palm shaver is designed with easy disassembly for convenient cleaning, featuring an LED indicator and power button for simple operation. It also includes interchangeable shaving heads for versatile use.

Disassembly for cleaning

Taking apart the Palm Shaver is a breeze. It ensures your device stays clean and runs smoothly. Here’s how you do it:

  • Turn off the shaver and unplug it if it’s charging.
  • Hold the shaver body with one hand and use the other to gently twist off the shaving head.
  • Pull the head away from the body to completely remove it.
  • Tap out any loose hairs from the head over a trash can.
  • Use the small cleaning brush included to sweep away any stuck hairs on both the shaver head and inside where it was attached.
  • Rinse each part under warm water, but only if your model is water – resistant. Check your manual first!
  • Let all components air dry on a clean towel before reassembling them.
  • Snap everything back together; you’ll hear a click when each part is in place.

LED indicator and power button

Transitioning from disassembly for cleaning to the LED indicator and power button, I couldn’t help but notice the sleek design of this palm shaver. The LED indicator light turning green when fully charged, and red when not, ensures I never run out of power unexpectedly.

The Skull Shaver logo on its surface and distinct power button that activates the device provide clear visual cues for operation.

skull shaver palm head

Interchangeable shaving heads

The Palm Shaver comes with versatile shaving heads to meet different grooming needs. The easy and convenient head interchange system allows for seamless transitions between the following options:

  1. Face shaver head, ideal for close and precise facial shaving.
  2. Hair trimmer head, for managing longer hair or trimming beard and sideburns.
  3. Ear/nose trimmer attachment, a useful addition for detailed grooming needs.

Performance Review

The performance of the palm shaver is compared with that of a traditional razor, evaluating its effectiveness for both wet and dry shaving. The sound, closeness of shave, and overall performance are discussed in detail to provide an in-depth review.

Comparison with traditional razor

As someone who appreciates a smooth shave, I was intrigued to see how the Palm Shaver stacked up against my trusty traditional razor. Here’s a breakdown of my comparative experience:

FeaturePalm ShaverTraditional Razor
Closeness of ShaveProvides a smooth shave, not as close as a razorGets extremely close, leaving skin very smooth
ConvenienceQuick and easy, perfect for a fast routineTakes more time, requires careful handling
UsabilityCan be used in or out of the shower, versatileBest used in the shower or with wet skin
ComfortComfortable on the skin, less risk of cutsCan cause nicks or irritation if not careful
MaintenanceEasy to clean with disassemblyBlades need regular replacement, more upkeep
PriceOnline prices vary, $35-$40+ rangeDepends on brand, but generally requires ongoing investment in blades

In summary, the Palm Shaver offers a convenient and comfortable shaving experience, especially for those who are on the go. Although it doesn’t achieve the skin-close shave of a traditional razor, it makes up for it with its ease of use and reduced risk of cuts. Given its price point and the lower maintenance compared to constantly buying new blades for a traditional razor, the Palm Shaver holds its own.

Switching gears, let’s dive into wet vs. dry shaving to see how the Palm Shaver performs under different conditions.

Wet vs. dry shaving

For me, the Palm Shaver’s wet shaving option is a game-changer. The use of shaving cream allows for a smoother glide and leaves my skin feeling silky. However, when I tried dry shaving, I noticed that it still provided a decent cut but left some subtle stubble behind.

So, choosing wet or dry largely depends on your preference for closeness and texture.

The Palm Shaver offers versatility with its ability to be used both ways. For those wanting an ultra-close shave, wet shaving might be the way to go. On the other hand, if time is of the essence or you prefer a quick touch-up, dry shaving provides convenience without sacrificing too much smoothness.

Sound and closeness of shave

The Palm Shaver doesn’t get as close as a razor, but it does provide a smooth shave. Some stubble can still be felt after using the Palm Shaver, although it gets close to the skin.

It does not give a completely smooth shave, but I appreciate the smoothness of the result.

When comparing it with my previous shaver, I noted its performance for removing stubble and smoothing the head. Also, despite not providing as close a shave as a razor, I believe that the Palm Shaver is a good investment.


  • small and compact size good for traveling
  • cuts well with a close shave
  • can use i nthe shower
  • easy maintenance


  • smaller head means it takes longer to use
  • battery life is a bit less compared to other models
  • a bit heavy for the size.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

After using the Palm Shaver for a few weeks, I can confidently say that it has become an essential part of my grooming routine. Its ergonomic design, easy cleaning process, and efficient shaving performance make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a convenient and effective head shaver.

Price and value assessment

The Palm Shaver’s online prices range from $35 to over $40. Despite not knowing the exact price, I believe it’s a good investment within this range. Comparing it to my previous $20 shaver, the Palm Shaver outperforms and offers great value for its price.

It may not shave as close as a traditional razor, but at effectively removing stubble and smoothing the head, it excels. For its affordable price point, build quality, and performance for everyday use, I consider the Palm Shaver by Skull Shaver a worthy investment in achieving a clean shave.

Overall product assessment

The Palm Shaver provides a clean and close shave, making it suitable for those wanting a smooth finish. Its performance in removing stubble and ensuring a well-groomed appearance makes it an excellent investment for maintaining a polished look.

With online prices ranging from $35 to over $40, the Palm Shaver balances functionality with affordability, offering value for money. The product may not achieve the same closeness as a traditional razor but is still highly effective and definitely worth considering.

Personal endorsement and recommendation

Considering the exceptional performance and value of the Palm Shaver, I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend it to anyone seeking a top-notch bald head shaver. The close shave achieved with this device surpasses traditional razors, while its cordless operation offers unparalleled convenience.

This investment is worthwhile for those who prioritize a clean, efficient shaving experience – making it an indispensable addition to any grooming routine.

The Palm Shaver’s versatility and remarkable functionality truly make it a standout choice in electric shavers. With its efficient lithium-ion battery technology and interchangeable heads, this convenient tool ticks all the boxes for quality shaving at a fair price point.


After extensively reviewing the Palm Shaver, I can confidently say it delivers a comfortable and close shave for both head and facial hair. The convenience of interchangeable heads and easy cleaning process adds to its practicality.

While some may prefer a traditional razor for wet shaving, the Palm Shaver’s performance stands out in dry shaving. With prices ranging from $35 to over $40, it offers good value for its functionality.

Overall, I highly recommend the Palm Shaver for its efficiency and versatility.

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tech Specs

Model Number
Power Type cordless
Weight 1 oz
Length 0.20 in
Motor 6000 rpm

Blade Specs

Blade Type Stainless Steel
Blade Width 1.7 in
Minimum Cutting Length 0.1 mm
Maximum Cutting Length 0.49 mm

Guard Specs

Shortest Guard Length mm
Longest Guard Length mm

Battery Specs

Battery Type Li-ion
battery Size mAh