Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 Review

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Finding the right trimmer can make a world of difference, But is the manscaped 4.0 the right trimmer for you? I’ve put the Manscaped 4.0 to the test and in this review we take a closer look at its unique features and whether it’s the right fit for your grooming needs. Lets get to it.

Overview of The Manscaped 4.0

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Manscaped lawnmower 4.0

Total Score: 4 / 10

The only difference between the 3.0 and the 4.0 are the guards. Not enough of a reason to upgrade. I would stick with the 3.0.


Score: 5 / 10


Score: 5 / 10


Score: 3 / 10

The Manscaped 4.0 trimmer is a straightforward grooming tool with a compact design, ceramic blade technology, and basic features like a battery meter and travel lock. While it offers practical advantages for body hair grooming, such as smooth operation and portability, it lacks standout innovations that would set it apart from other trimmers in its price range. The limited cutting range may also be a drawback for those seeking more precise grooming options. Additionally, the trimmer’s value for money is questionable compared to other options with more comprehensive functionalities. Careful consideration of its pros and cons is necessary to determine if the Manscaped 4.0 aligns with your grooming preferences and needs.

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Design and Features

The sleek and compact black design of the Manscaped 4.0 caught my eye. Its texture provided a comfortable grip during grooming sessions. With one-button operation, using this trimmer was a breeze, making it suitable for anyone, regardless of their experience.

The ceramic blade is a standout feature in this price range, offering a smooth and precise cutting experience. I found that it prevented nicks and cuts, ensuring a comfortable grooming process.


  • Compact and travel-friendly design
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Ceramic blade technology for a relatively smooth trim
  • Inclusion of a battery meter for tracking remaining battery life
  • Travel lock feature to prevent accidental activation during transit


  • Limited cutting range, restricting precise grooming options
  • Slightly undersized battery, requiring more frequent recharging
  • Imprecise battery meter with only three display levels
  • Limited usability for extremely short or long haircuts
  • Minimal improvements over previous versions, making the upgrade less enticing for existing customers

Pros Of The Manscaped 4.0

The Manscaped 4.0 trimmer is compact and travel-friendly design allows for easy handling, but it lacks standout innovation. The trimmer operates smoothly and quietly, though its ceramic blade technology might not drastically improve the grooming experience compared to other high-quality blades. I liked the inclusion of a battery meter and travel lock adds some convenience, but they are now common features in many trimmers.

Cons Of The Manscaped 4.0

While this trimmer did work well for me when it comes to body hair grooming, that’s about all I was able to use it for. The limited cutting range was a big draw back for me. I was expecting to get a little more out of this trimmer considering the price. There are plenty of other trimmer on the market that offer more for the same price, or even less.

Who Is This Trimmer For?

The Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 targets individuals with specific body hair grooming needs. If you prioritize body hair trimming and prefer a trimmer with basic functionality, then this might be a suitable choice. Its ceramic blade technology, compact design, and travel lock feature make it a practical option for body hair maintenance.

However, if you’re looking for a more versatile grooming tool that can handle various hair lengths and styles, you may find the Manscaped 4.0’s cutting range limiting. For those who desire more precise adjustments within the 1 – 3 mm range or need a trimmer that can handle facial hair grooming as well, the Manscaped 4.0 might not be the best fit. This trimmer is primarily designed for specific body grooming tasks, and branching out beyond that scope might leave you wanting more versatility.

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My Experience

During my time with the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0, I found it to be a decent trimmer that gets the job done but doesn’t leave a lasting impression. The compact design and lightweight construction were definite pluses, as they made handling and maneuvering the trimmer hassle-free. However, I couldn’t help but notice that the design felt somewhat generic, lacking any unique features that make it truly stand out from its competitors.

The ceramic blade technology did deliver on its promise of a smoother trim, and I appreciated the cool-touch sensation during use, which minimized any potential skin irritation. Nevertheless, I must admit that the ceramic blade didn’t drastically improve my grooming experience compared to other high-quality steel blades I’ve used before.

The battery meter and travel lock feature were practical, but they didn’t evoke a sense of awe or admiration. These are now common features in many trimmers, and while their inclusion is welcomed, they don’t elevate the Manscaped 4.0 to a league of its own.

Value for Money

When it comes to assessing the value of the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0, it’s essential to weigh its pros and cons against its price tag. While it offers some convenience for body hair grooming, it comes with a higher price point compared to other trimmers on the market. As a critical consumer, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the additional cost is justified by the modest improvements and features it brings to the table.

For those seeking a no-frills, dedicated body hair grooming tool, the Manscaped 4.0 may suffice. However, if you’re looking for a trimmer that offers a wide range of grooming options, superior cutting precision, and exceptional innovation, there are more cost-effective options available.


In conclusion, we have delved into the world of the Manscaped 4.0 trimmer, exploring its design, features, pros, and cons. While it offers practical benefits for body hair grooming, it falls short in delivering groundbreaking innovations and may not be the most compelling choice for those seeking versatility and value for money. As grooming enthusiasts, our search for the perfect trimmer continues, and it’s essential to carefully weigh our options to ensure that our grooming routines remain efficient and satisfying. Whether it’s the Manscaped 4.0 or another trimmer that suits your needs, here’s to happy grooming and finding the ideal tool that keeps you looking sharp and feeling confident.

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tech Specs

Model Number 4
Power Type cordless
Weight 12.6 oz
Length in
Motor 7000 rpm

Blade Specs

Blade Type Ceramic
Blade Width in
Minimum Cutting Length 0.6 mm
Maximum Cutting Length 13 mm

Guard Specs

Shortest Guard Length 3 mm
Longest Guard Length 13 mm

Battery Specs

Battery Type Li-ion
battery Size 600 mAh