Best Alternatives To The Meridian Trimmer

Are you looking for a reliable trimmer to groom your body hair but don’t want to splurge on the Meridian Trimmer? Approximately 25% of men and women across the United States are believed to use trimmers and other grooming tools below the waistline.

Many news outlets have praised Meridian The Trimmer, however some people might prefer cheaper alternatives. In this blog post, we will provide 5 affordable electric razors that can help you in finding an effective substitute for your grooming needs without breaking the bank.

We’ll discuss features, pros & cons, as well as tips and maintenance advice for each one. So if you’re ready let’s get started!

Why consider alternatives to the meridian trimmer

The Meridian trimmer offers an ergonomic design and comfortable fit for precise control, but there are reasons to consider alternatives. Factors such as pricing, user-friendliness, specific trimming requirements or battery life can make certain other trimmers a more attractive choice.

The balding guard of the Meridian Trimmer is harder to put on and has fewer size options compared to brands like Manscape’s trimmer guard which provides more convenience for users without compromising the quality of grooming results.

Furthermore, electric body groomers also offer different attachments depending on whether you are looking for closer shave or maintaining facial and body hair length at its current state while keeping the edges neat and tidy.

In addition factors such as cordless convenience versus corded power coupled with battery lifetime should be considered before finalizing decision when selecting an alternative to use over meridian trimmer.

Top Alternatives to the Meridian Trimmer

For those looking to upgrade from their standard grooming tools, the Meridian Trimmer may not be enough to satisfy all their needs. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives available that provide additional features and improved performance for a variety of budgets.

Lets take a look at our to picks!

Alternative 1: Brio Beardscape

Offering a plethora of features and high-quality performance, the Brio Beardscape is an excellent alternative for those looking to invest in a trimmer that will last a lifetime.

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Features & Description

The Brio Beardscape is a powerful electric trimmer that offers excellent performance and advanced features. It boasts of a titanium rake precision-ground to perfectly match with its ceramic blade, which results into an incredibly quiet operation unlike most other trimmers.

Its versatility also makes it perfect for trimming hair virtually all over the body. The newer version, the Beardscape V2, has been upgraded with interchangeable blades and guards as well as a larger battery along with enhanced digital display cutting technology.

With its strong reputation for quality and value in men’s grooming needs, Brio BeardScape is definitely befitting as an alternative to the Meridian Trimmer.

Pros & Cons

The Brio Beardscape trimmer offers several benefits compared to the Meridian trimmer. Its standout features include ceramic blades which create less heat and friction, therefore less noise, and a battery life of up to 4 hours on moderate use.

The smooth gliding power of this device results in an efficient trimming experience with no tugging or snagging. It also comes equipped with multiple length settings for achieving desired beard styles from scruffy to neat and tidy.

Among its cons are that some users may find it more difficult to control than the Meridian model because its design is bulkier and has a large head. Additionally, despite great reviews for its performance over time, there have been reports of defective units failing prematurely after only six months of use by certain customers.

Alternative 2: Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 (BG7030)

For an affordable yet reliable grooming experience, this cordless body groomer is a great choice.

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Features & Description

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 is a convenient grooming tool that offers powerful performance and ease of use. It features a unique dual-sided design, with one side serving as an electric shaver for achieving close contact with the skin, while the other side serves as a trimmer to deal with long body hairs.

With five adjustable lengths, from 0.5 mm to 10 mm, it’s suitable for nearly any length of hair in all body zones – chest and abs or underarms and groin area. The contoured four-directional head even gives you the flexibility to trim hard-to-reach areas like your neckline or lower back region without nicks and cuts.

This practical trimmer is also showerproof so you can conveniently enjoy fuss-free shaving anytime — no matter where you are! With its cordless use time at 80 minutes after 1 hour charging time, this high capacity body groomer will help keep your look on point year-round!

Pros & Cons

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 (BG7030) is a versatile and efficient trimmer-shaver combo designed for full body grooming. A unique dual-sided design makes it easy to switch between trimming and shaving with the same device.

The BG7030 is also showerproof, making it perfect for those who prefer to groom in the comfort of their own bathroom. Additionally, its safe and comfortable design makes this model especially popular with both men and women looking for an effective way to maintaining their pubic hair without irritation or razor burn.

On the other hand, some users complain about its size being too large which can make it difficult control when performing touch ups on smaller areas like eyebrows or around curves such as ankles.

Alternative 3: Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000

This trimmer has dual-sided blades and offers a range of accessories, making it ideal for head to toe grooming. Readers can learn more about its features and advantages in the post.

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Features & Description

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000 is an all-in-one trimmer designed for beard, hair and body grooming. Using advanced DualCut Technology, this trimmer is equipped with two-sided blades that are sharp enough to cut through even the thickest facial or body hair without tugging or snagging.

With its precision trimming system, you can achieve a precise outlining of your face and neck – from smooth shaped edges on your cheeks to perfect straight lines along your jawline and top of the head.

Designed specifically for body trimming and shaving comfort, it has an adjustable comb attachment which allows you to easily reach hard areas such as underarms and back of the head.

Pros & Cons

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 9000 is a versatile and economical way to groom the body. Boasting an array of features, such as 13 settings for trimming and grooming different parts of the face, neck, chest, arms and legs, this Electric Trimmer also offers precision edging blades to give you a precise cut every time.

It includes a two-year warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions caused by defective lithum or NiMH batteries. As well as being convenient for travelling, it has adjustable length guards with range from 2mm – 18mm so you can precisely select your desired length.

However, some users may find this model expensive compared others on the market. Furthermore there have been reports of relatively short battery life and durability issues when not properly cared for according to manufacturer’s directions which can prove costly in the long run if replacing products frequently due to wear and tear.

Alternative 4: Braun Series XT5 (XT5100)

Featuring advanced technologies designed for comfortable and precise trimming of body hair, the Braun Series XT5 offers an excellent mid-range option for those seeking a reliable and affordable trimmer.

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Features & Description

The Braun Series XT5 is a versatile and comfortable trimmer, body groomer, and electric razor all in one tool. With its slim design combined with an anti-slip grip for easy handling, this cutting edge product stands out among others.

It features a hybrid blade that incorporates both foil shaver technology to provide close shaves as well as two cutting edges to make shearing simple – perfect for tackling any style of hair you may have.

Furthermore, the metal blade on it will last up to 6 months while still maintaining supreme sharpness throughout the duration due to its ability to be thoroughly cleaned and oiled.

On top of all of these great qualities, it also offers six attachments that give users plenty of options relating to their grooming needs including trimming eyebrows or extra details when needed.

Pros & Cons

The Braun Series XT5 is considered one of the most advanced and reliable trimmers for body hair. Its slim design makes it easy to use and its versatile grooming kit gives you maximum styling precision.

It’s also suitable for wet or dry conditions, meaning that you can groom yourself in the shower as desired. Plus, the long-lasting metal blade means that it will last up to six months of normal use without needing replacement.

On top of all these features, this model offers four combs with adjustable length settings from 0.5mm–10mm giving users greater customization options than other trims on the market offering just two comb lengths like Meridian Trimmer which has a limit of 8 mm only.

The powerful motor reduces friction during shaving thus preventing any skin irritation effectively and providing fast action results compared other painful methods like waxing or epilators commonly used by many people out there still today.

Alternative 5: Panasonic ER-GK60-S

The Panasonic ER-GK60-S is a multi-purpose trimmer that can handle grooming all body parts with its five attachments. Keep reading to find out more about this excellent tool!

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Features & Description

The Panasonic ER-GK60-S has a unique design featuring a longitudinally positioned blade for precision trimming of body hair. It is specifically designed to handle coarse and curly hairs without creating nicks, pulling, or razor bumps due to its ultra-thin blades with rounded tips.

Making it great for trimming in sensitive areas close to the skin without fear of getting cut or injured. The trimmer provides ease of use due to its cordless, waterproof design and includes three comb attachments so you can customize your look easily.

Equipped with advanced materials such as ceramic blades which stay sharp longer than steel when providing smooth precise trimming every time. With the inclusion of rechargeable battery and charger makes this trimmer an easy choice whenever you want it takes care of shaving needs at home or on the go.

Pros & Cons

The Panasonic ER-GK60-S is a one-of-a-kind body groomer with many attractive features. Its design is unlike most other trimmers, using longitudinally positioned blades and wide, rounded edges to reduce skin irritation while cutting body hair.

Moreover, the gaps on its fixed blade are tightly designed to capture even the short hairs more effectively, making it ideal for trimming hair in sensitive areas such as a pubic or chest area.

On the downside, while this device offers superior performance when it comes to grooming certain parts of your body you may find there are limitations in other areas and maintenance requirements like oiling blades sometimes make it less user friendly compared to some other models.


The Meridian Trimmer is a popular men’s grooming tool for below the waist and offers some unique features, such as low-vibration and waterproof design. However, there are several alternative products on the market that offer great value for money in terms of affordability, effectiveness and feedback from users.

Brio Beardscape is one option which provides precision cutting convenience with adjustable comb settings for different lengths of hair length. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7000 (BG7030) provides an ergonomic handle along with seven attachments including close trim blade to get within 0.2 mm accuracy.

This wraps up our comprehensive list of body grooms providing various alternatives to Meridian The Trimmer; making sure no man has to compromise on anyways while going shopping for their ideal grooming product below the waistline!

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